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Integrated Healthcare – a place to heal

Leemac Clinic will offer assessment, diagnostics and treatment on one beautiful site amidst the peace and splendour of a unique location – Royal Deeside


Integrated Medicine synergistically treats the whole person – mind, body, brain, spirit and emotion to harness the patients own abilities to heal



Peace through mind / brain science


Results of several years of research, design and consultation confirm the need for a building to deliver this ground breaking concept in patient care now. Having achieved its charitable status the Company is ready for investment to positively take this forward to reality


  • Leemac Clinic's integrated healthcare can help you with, for example; cancer treatments, stress related problems and physical injuries enabling you to get better faster
  • Leemac Clinic can empower and enhance health and wellbeing




Truly total integrated healthcare serving a worldwide need

From Nature to Architecture



Solving the complexity of
being human - how structure relates to cells

We need to create a unique, intelligent, bespoke building whose every feature including the wonderful outreaching harmonic ambiance, is designed to make one feel well. It exemplifies our desire to focus on healing the total patient


Independent research and our composite researches conclusively confirm the global market need for this timely and strategic opportunity to create a centre dedicated to this unique, innovative patient-focused concept

The Leemac Clinic for unique patient centred care

Leemac's specialised patient centred treatments are based on the scientific principles of mind-body-medicine and epigenetics to treat and to keep well


Gathering the singular pieces of research existing worldwide – we focus them into therapeutics to treat patients using the latest information and the most ancient treatment principles known to humans to heal themselves to achieve harmony

The Leemac Clinic for unique patient centred wellbeing

We will use Integrated Medicine to treat the whole, complex person at all levels as body, mind, brain, spirit and emotion and to offer preventative medicine as a means of enhancing health and wellbeing

Unique Investment Opportunity


The Leemac Clinic for the medicine of the 21st century embodying healing philosophy and health knowledge from Neanderthal man through Plato to our understanding today of mind-body-medicine

Our Location


Patients close to nature in the tranquil surroundings of Royal Deeside in the Cairngorms National Park – an area of outstanding natural beauty

Aberdeen is a major city with one of the UK’s foremost teaching hospitals, international airport and excellent road and rail links from all over the UK and the continent


The LEEMAC CLINIC will highlight the innate natural therapeutic qualities of this ancient Scottish landscape

Our Future Prospects are Global

We offer the rest of the World the best of Scotland

A Sound Investment at a Sensitive Time


During a turbulent period that offers little sense in the volatile equity market - this is a unique, timely, working investment opportunity


We offer you this proposition to invest in a project which will fill a confirmed gap in the global marketplace

Independent research confirms and enhances our business proposition

 Treatments and Assessment

excellent patient-centred care with a personal focus

empowering return to health and wellbeing

time invested in patient care


Recuperation, Recovery and Rejuvenation

allowing the patient freedom to heal

caring about the future

the opportunity to integrate partners, friends or family
into the healing experience


Health Centred Breaks and Retreats





Natural and Preventative Medicines

health, eco and green tourism

promoting and maintaining wellbeing


Dr Michelle Harrison, London


Leemac Clinic logo



We will offer assessment and treatment on one site in beautiful surroundings on Royal Deeside in Scotland as the best experience of transformative, relaxing and rejuvenating healthcare

Leemac is the Scots word for health

Leemac Clinic – a place to heal

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